5 Ways Data Analysis Tools Help You ”Search and Purge” Files

data_analysis_toolsData analysis tools – what value do they bring anyway? 

You probably know the industry statistic that 80% of data is never used again once it’s stored. Many times this stored data is actually irrelevant to your business, or duplicate content, or in a worst-case scenario, may even pose a risk to your company. Yet these low-value files are occupying the same storage space as the critical files you refer to daily — and costing you just as much to access. How can you begin to search the (potentially hundreds of millions) of stored files to begin purging the unnecessary ones? 

Welcome to data analysis tools.  

Data analysis can help you cut your storage needs by up to 40%, and takes the guesswork out of “searching and purging” files by separating your low-value data from your high-value data.  

Data analysis tools help you organize your file storage by: 

  1. Evaluating the status of your data as it stands today so you have a clear starting point.  You’ll be able to identify everything from the largest consumers of storage to common application platforms and other trends.
  2. Identifying any security or legal risks, or potential for exploitation so that you can take immediate corrective actions. 
  3. Answering questions about the age, source or type of media file (documents, emails, graphics, photos) so you can consolidate and eliminate files.    
  4. Planning and budgeting build your next IT budget and storage acquisition based on real numbers, not estimates. Data analysis tools will provide the stats you need. 
  5. Improving the overall performance of your storage system through enhanced access and reduced waste. 

The bottom line on data analysis tools? They are critical to helping you search, access and manage your storage environment. They give you an accurate picture of where you stand now and how you can improve. When deployed accurately, data analysis tools can help you increase capacity while reducing costs. Want to find out more?  

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