Archiving as Hot as Wasabi?

wasabi peas  PHOTO CREDIT hbak-iStock-Getty Images

PHOTO CREDIT: hbak / iStock / Getty Images

It doesn’t get hotter than this…

Major enterprises like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. have all been pushing the “cloud.”

“Cloud is the answer. Who cares what the question is?”  – Enterprise Company

It’s a big deal for the cloud providers, that’s for sure. Microsoft’s stock just went up because now Office365 outsells regular Office. However, despite their success, cloud storage has seen mixed results creating a need for a better solution.

Wasabi’s Cloud Storage, brought to you by the same team that built Carbonite, is faster and cheaper than anything else out there. All their years building backup clouds have led to a better S3 than Amazon’s.

Take the Wasabi cloud and couple it with DefendX Software’s seamless archiving, which is now certified on Wasabi storage, and you have a better seamless backup and archive for server-based unstructured data than ever before.

Would your world work better if things moved faster and cost less? Ours does!


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