Are you guilty of evil?

are you guilty of evil?

If you’re like the average environment NTP Software assesses, 60-90% of your unstructured file data is a candidate for archiving.

What’s unstructured data?  Glad you asked!  Here are just a few:

  • Email messages
  • Word documents
  • Duplicate files
  • Temp files
  • Backup files
  • Photos…yes – it includes PERSONAL photos
  • Audio files….and likely Bob’s personal iTunes Library
  • Videos…yes, that can include THOSE types of videos
  • Web pages
  • Power point presentations
  • The list goes on and on….

Think you may actually need those files?  Guess what:  files that haven’t been touched between 6 and 24 months have about a 1% chance of recall.

You are paying for EXPENSIVE corporate file storage for stuff you don’t even need or use - potentially millions of dollars over the next few years, depending on the size of your environment..

That’s evil.

At NTP Software, we move the right data to the right tier at the right price.  Our customers use our software to reduce their spending and lower their risk of wasting expensive space.  The net result is increased business value….nearly overnight.

NTP does all that for your business TODAY.  But we can do more.  Much more.  And we’re about to reveal it all. 

Something big is coming…..

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