Back to School Equals File Data Overload: A Case Study

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It’s that time of year when college campuses are overrun with new students and their laptops and other devices ― a new school year has begun!  But for many college IT departments, the question soon becomes how to manage this increase in file data?  What is the right solution for understanding files and managing data storage?  Today on Storage Insights, we’re conducting a back-to-basics course entitled, “How to Manage File Data,” featuring lessons learned from the Arts and Sciences Department of Concordia University. 

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Concordia University boasts an enrollment of over 45,000 students over two campuses.  The University’s Faculty of Arts and Science found they needed to expand the capacity and efficiency of their SAN (storage area network) in order to fully support their 200+ professors and thousands of student users. 

The department’s challenge was a common one; data was growing rapidly while file sizes were increasing, and their SAN did not allow for easy separation of critical school files from irrelevant personal files. The department was also concerned about blocking potentially harmful files from entering the network. A user-friendly file data solution was needed which would allow the department’s SAN to run more efficiently, while also blocking questionable files. 

DefendX Software Control-QFS was the answer.  With Control-QFS, Concordia’s Faculty of Arts and Science was able to understand their stored data files down to a granular level; even to the individual user.  Control-QFS integrates with most storage platforms and can be custom configured to support individual quotas and file-blocking policies.  In fact, Control-QFS actually enforces policies each time users attempt to save files.  Schedule a Control-QFS Demonstration to see how! 

Since deploying Control-QFS, the Faculty of Arts and Science reports they have:

  • Reduced overall network consumption by 30%
  • Managed future data file growth 
  • Improved data security
  • Lowered overall costs

Read the full case study for more details on this file data management solution. 

Could QFS show you how to manage your file data?  Want a review of your current data storage needs?   Request a file data evaluation today; we have the tools to help you ace this college course!    

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