Can you index your files based on their content?

As technology growth continues to pick up speed, more and more business owners will likely find themselves overwhelmed by the thought of having to control their data. The decision to delete, move and expand a file system can be rightfully stressful. And if a company has the hope of expansion, they will likely see themselves suffering with the growing pains involved in having to keep track and store files in some sort of organized fashion.

In most cases, business owners have a future plan that involves growth, and with that comes the added need for employees, clients, and technology. The combination of all three of these things requires the use of millions of files to get the daily tasks done. The downside of managing a growing business is having to sift through these necessary files, including documents, emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and video files. The convenience that these files offer also makes it more challenging to store data, especially because many of them are never used and consume valuable disk space. To make matters worse, those files will then have to be indexed based on their content and for many companies, this could end up being a lot of work. While this time-consuming process may sound daunting, there are some newly developed solutions that will get the job done efficiently, saving you time and money. 


While it may seem taxing to incorporate a new file management system, it’s actually the opposite. With DefendX, there is no need to rebuild your current infrastructure or purchase new hardware, instead, you can just as easily profit from successful techniques that can simply be added to your current system. 

The days of having to manage backups are long gone and now storage administrators simply need to observe what is stored on their networks and how those files are being used. DefendX Intelligence will take over from there and simply identify which documents belong were depending on their content. The classification process is accelerated and added information dictates where specific files should be relocated or disposed. 

Having DefendX Intelligence as a solid option diminishes the stress that many business owners have when it comes to controlling data.


A decent file sorting software will have the flexibility and a clear pathway for future planning. 

Every business is unique, and its file storing system should be treated the same way, which is why there are no limits when it comes to sorting files and every system can have a solution with open architecture. 

Being prepared for the growth of your business is key and solid planning sessions are equally important for your file management system. It’s critical that you have a system that not only allows growth but promotes it, allowing for more data to be added to your network while other data is stored appropriately.

With the many expenses associated with a growing business, it’s important that you have a budget-friendly data storage system that is efficient. An efficient system will let you know when you can rid personal file usage on pricey shared spaces, and instead provide policies and procedures that promote cost-saving techniques. 

Sifting through files can be a full-time job, but DefendX Intelligence has made it possible to move and sort files in an organized manner. The best part is that it requires zero hands-on time, which will allow you to spend more time on tasks that will help grow your business and utilize your employees for other responsibilities. 

By having the capability of compressing information by reducing discovery and index completion times from weeks to minutes or even seconds, the use of DefendX Intelligence can complete the job 350 times faster than CPU-based techniques. 

This time-saving software also compresses information governance timelines, which will ultimately affect the overall strategy for information at your organization. By incorporating a software that betters your filing system you will set yourself up for success because it will naturally give you consistent and logical framework for your information system. Thanks to the guidance that this software provides, your employees will easily be able to handle data under the information governance policies and procedures umbrella, which help with legal compliance, operational transparency, and less expenses associated with legal discovery. 

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