Clearing the Fog on Cloud Archiving - Advantages and Considerations

One of the topics we’re often asked about is cloud archiving or tiering to the cloud.  Enterprises want to know how it can help them and what are the key advantages and challenges. Today, we “clear the fog” on cloud archiving.

As a quick review, TechTarget defines a cloud archive as, “a storage procurement model in which data that no longer needs to be accessed on a regular basis is maintained and backed-up remotely by a cloud storage service provider.” 

With potentially 80% of your files considered stale (or inactive), it makes sense to consider tiering and cloud archiving for optimal storage efficiency. Let’s review some key advantages and considerations:

Cloud Archiving Key Advantages:

  • Affordability

Cloud archiving or cloud tiering are efficient and value-driven storage options for moving stale files out of costly primary storage.

  • Accessibility

Although files are archived, they remain available (via stubs) and can be easily retrieved in the event of a compliance or regulatory audit. Access is also a smooth and seamless process for your users. Here is a paper on stubs for a better understanding of how they work and the different kinds.

  • Tiering

Tiering brings better scaling and control of file data in your primary storage system. We advise looking for a tiering and archiving solution that will automatically move files through a policy-driven engine.             

Cloud Archiving Key Considerations:

  • Service

Remember that cloud archiving is not a tangible object, but a service, and not all service providers are created equal. Our recommendation is to research your cloud service provider just as you would any other business partner.

  • Connection speeds

Before moving your file data, it is important to be aware of your “speeds and feeds” (or bandwidth) between your office and your cloud provider. Connection speed determines the time it can take to upload or download from the cloud.

  • File data movement

We advise our clients that data is heavy, so it can take some time to move large volumes to the cloud ― at least initially. When moving file data, a higher bandwidth will bring you better capacity.

Have a question on cloud archiving?  Let’s connect for a demonstration. We are happy to help you review your storage options!

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