Cloud First Strategy for the Future: Part 2

It’s not surprising that the ‘cloud first’ mentality has become a common theme in the computer world, as it allows businesses to get their hands on top-rated technology with little effort. Since 2013, several software companies have made it their mission to provide a seamless transition into a ‘cloud first’ way of working. DefendX is proud to be a part of this transition and their flexible options offer more than one way of  securing and archiving unstructured data. 

With the swell of work from home employees, lower costing storage has quickly become a priority for business owners, which is why DefendX followed the needs of the customers and bettered the options for data migration and tiering. The year 2020 taught leaders and employees that work can be done remotely, and in many cases even more efficiently. According to many studies, having the option of being able to work where we live, has enhanced productivity and lessened stress. The absence of commute time and less water cooler socializing has freed up more time for constructive work tasks. This, paired with better data backup and storage, is a noteworthy advancement that DefendX has played a large role in. 

The combination of added value, better uniformity, cost effectiveness, and less waste, all point toward ‘cloud first’ as being the better investment for most businesses, however; it’s crucial to have a solid strategy in place when implementing a ‘cloud first’ way of working. DefendX has a proven track record of designing what the client needs and following through with those needs.    

With more businesses switching to cloud first, DefendX has products poised to take on what can be a complex and time-consuming project. Partnering with the best in the business, the software professionals at DefendX have made it easy for you to move, safeguard and protect the files needed to keep your business growing. The majority of customers who have used these products have freed up more than 70% of their primary storage space, thanks to the seamless transition of tiered files on the cloud. Making it even easier on the client, DefendX software enhances this transition by monitoring the files to ensure they remain secure, knowing that security is a priority for all customers. With that said, the growing need for simplified and cost-effective storage has bumped up the need for quality safeguarding. 

Having the ability to free up storage space is an organized and economical way is a positive for all business owners, however, having flexibility and options while doing so, it an added bonus. 

The same companies who are using DefendX products to enhance their file storage, are also given the flexibility to use one or many of the clouds in what can be considered as customized storage. It is for this reason that DefendX witnessed a 20 percent growth in 2020, exceeding revenue expectations as they released innovative features that continue to change right along with the customer’s needs. 

By putting a ‘cloud first’ strategy in place you’re immediately reducing your overhead costs. With in-house servers you are typically required to pay any fees upfront, which can be a pretty penny, compared to the ‘pay-as-you-consume’ setup of the ‘cloud first’ option. When a business adopts the ‘cloud first’ strategy, it subscribes to a service provider like DefendX for software, platforms or infrastructure and has the potential to obtain the best services at low and secured rates. 

Like all things in business, you’ll need to take into consideration a few key factors that will help you select a software provider. Whether you are migrating some or all of your assets to the cloud, a thorough security approach will save you complications in the long run and by choosing DefendX, you’re getting a safeguarded approach to all the transitions involved in moving to the  cloud. The company that has proven to move alongside the changes of time, has also served as a partner for business leaders everywhere. DefendX has the goal of helping customers regain control of storage, improving their daily efficiency, and executes this in a way that simply makes sense.

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