FILE Data Tools vs. Enterprise Data Solutions: Key Differences

data_toolsWhat’s the difference between a file data tool and a file data solution? 

As enterprises and IT/storage administrators look for ways to better manage and organize their growing file volumes, file data tools can play an important role. But for optimal efficiency, there’s no match for a comprehensive enterprise unstructured file data solution. 

Here are the key differences: 

File data tools are a means of accomplishing a one-time task in an IT environment. They are often used for quick research tasks that require an instant answer to a specific event. These tools are non-policy and location-driven. Need to know the size of a certain directory? File data tools will give you a near-instant response to this and many other queries. 

Enterprise file data solutions, as the name suggests, are more comprehensive. They are ongoing and strategic. Enterprise data solutions are designed to help you analyze and automate file data reporting so that you can improve the overall efficiency of your business. Need reliable feedback and data analytics for forecasting? These solutions can help you gather and organize this type of information by integrating information from multiple sites and remote locations.   

Ultimately, these tools may come in handy for quick answers, but enterprise file data solutions provide consistent and reliable insight into your organization so that you can manage it better. With a proven solution, you can improve your overall efficiency and ROI. 

Now that we’ve settled this issue, the question then becomes which qualities should you look for in an enterprise file data solution? We just happen to have the answer to that question, too!

 Get the Guide to Comprehensive File Data Management for tips on:  

  • Assessing data storage needs

  • Policy-based data management

  • Implementing best practices to reduce help desk calls

  • Mitigating potential data risk

  • Improving data storage ROI  

Have questions or want to find the best approach for your enterprise? Connect with the data storage experts!

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