File Reporter Release - version 8.1

New File Reporter Release!We're pleased to bring our customers the next evolution of our File Reporter solution with v8.1.

This new release will allow them to gain better insights into their environments, have greater control over reporting and plan better for future storage needs. All features are supported with granular data and historic trends, which supports better business decisions. Here's an overview of the new upgrades:

  1. Filter by Server: allows the user to filter all reports by a single storage server.
  2. File Types Overview Report: shows all the file types in a datacenter and how each type contributes to consumed space. File Types are not limited to categories like business, or temporary Files.
  3. Improved Projections: user can see the growth rate of any server, volume, or directory, even if it is not in a critical state or going to be projected "full" in the near future.
  4. Storage Host Drilldown: allows users to inspect the content of each volume and directory to spot the files and directories that consume the largest amount of space.
  5. File Owner Details: shows more details about users and their files, including the file types they own, the space they consume, and the age of their files.  
  6. Remote Windows Server Scanning: allows a windows server to be scanned remotely, without the need to install a DCA agent on the server.
  7. Scan Flexibility: allows the user to control whether mapped drives and symbolic links are scanned and accounted for or not.
  8. NetApp Cluster Mode ONTAP Support: users can scan vServers (Storage Virtual Machines) on a NetApp Cluster.
  9. Added support for EMC Unity Scanning:
    • The EMC VNX/Unity DCA (formerly EMC VNX DCA) can now scan and report on both VNX and Unity storage devices.
    • VNX and Unity scan settings can be configured in the Data Agent Administration website by using the ‘New VNX/Unity Configuration’ functionality.

Interested in learning more?  Reach out us to us here to schedule a demo and or request an upgrade!

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