santa claus full of gifts over a white background-1Hot cocoa, eggnog, pumpkin pie. Wood burning in the fireplace. It’s that time of year again: the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and people all over are trying to figure out what to do with their end of year budget. It’s a time to look at new things, make yourself a wish list, and then, in the spirit of the holiday season, give yourself a break and get something that will make managing file storage quotas easier for you and your company.

Here’s why you should consider DefendX Software Control-QFS to manage file storage quotas and file blocking in your environment. Firstly, as a storage administrator, how can you do your job without the proper tools? With great power comes great results: with the right file blocking and quota policies, you can reduce data consumption considerably. When you engage your end users to police themselves, and perform their own clean ups, junk files get removed, new junk files are less likely to be saved, and everyone’s job gets a little easier.

So what is DefendX Software Control-QFS ? Simply put, it’s one of the most robust, versatile, and time tested solutions on the market. It is a single interface from which you can manage policies across enterprise environments. Policies are completely granular, at the server, share, and even user level. Maybe marketing needs to save mp3’s, but surely accounting doesn’t. The CEO doesn’t want to get told they’ve run out of their disk quota (ever), but unlimited storage isn’t appropriate for an intern.

How easy is this, really? Imagine this: you’ve got DefendX Software Control-QFS installed in your environment. You create your policies, and with a click, implement them as broadly or as narrowly as you need. You can quickly go in and make special exemptions. You can set hard quotas or soft quotas. When the end user reaches their quota limit, they’re prompted to clean up their own storage and manage themselves without any action from you. Because less junk is being stored on your servers, and because users who know space is limited are less likely to save just anything, you’re able to go to your boss and show that the rate of storage growth has declined, and now you’re saving money. This means that you might not have to buy that extra rack of disk, money which you can now use for other storage related endeavors.

Learn more by downloading our white paper "A Comprehensive Guide to File Management.

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