How Many Junk Files are Killing Your Primary Storage Space?

12326948_mIt’s difficult for an administrator to get control of network storage when space begins to dwindle. Users see storage space as an unlimited supply for all of their files including videos, music, and personal executables.

When primary storage space is exhausted, the administrator can go the expensive route and buy new space, or he can assess storage usage and make the right changes to clear junk files from the network.

Before an administrator can assess future storage space, he needs to plan. Planning for file storage is no different than planning for any other infrastructure. You need to know how much space you need, where you’ll keep your space, and any backup and disaster recovery plans in case your storage fails.

Before you plan, you need to analyze the data already stored on your network. You might be surprised to find that much of this storage space is used by junk files that aren’t related to your business. The only way you can identify these files is with the right software. DefendX Software File Assessment can do just that -- it finds files that are unnecessarily taking space and can be removed including malicious files that could harm the corporation.

It’s not enough to know what files are exhausting your storage. You need to know what types of files are stored and the user trends across all files. You need to know files that are used often and those that should be archived. For instance, are these abandoned files that users no longer need? Then they don’t need to take up space on your primary network storage devices. Most files stored on a network are abandoned or unnecessary, and they duplicate each time you perform a backup.

DefendX Software File Assessment dives into your network and gives you the critical details you need to understand file usage and statistics. With this software, you can archive and move terabytes of data and save the company money in costly storage appliances that would otherwise be wasted on junk files.

Your network storage shouldn’t be an unlimited place for file storage. Your users should have limitations and filters that control storing certain files on the network. NTP Software has several tools that you can use to set user quotas and limit out-of-control storage habits. With File Assessment, you can get back control of your resources to eliminate wasted space from these user files.

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