How Waterfall Tiering Can Help With Data Management

DefendX CEO, Joe Cutroneo's, Forbes Tech Council Article:
Over the past several years, the growth of technology has enhanced convenience for people at work and at home. While the thought of storing the additional data that we use on a daily basis can be daunting, it’s not much different than how you would store belongings in your home. Like the movement of your personal articles from one closet to the other, data needs to be moved and archived, and one of the new ways to do this is by waterfall tiering. 

The process of waterfall tiering involves moving unstructured data from a pricey point A to a less expensive point B before it arrives at point C, which is the most cost-effective destination. This data lifecycle is done over a period of time, based on the probability of it being recalled, and as an added bonus, it serves as a more cost-effective approach to storage.

For example, if you have archived data that needs to be accessed for two years, you can move away from the high-priced Tier 1 storage costs by instituting a policy that will transfer this data to a cold archive when the two years have expired. Much like how a real-life waterfall wears the earth away over time, the process of waterfall tiering diminishes the cost of data storage over time. This is all possible thanks to the help of specific software that is designed to move the data with no-repeat costs or additional fees associated with reproducing an archive. 

With the help of waterfall-tiering software, you can add rules to the lifecycle configuration, based on the business’ specific data needs. Once these rules are established, the software will work to transition the data to the recommended storage class. For data that is rarely used but needs to be conserved, the software will guide it to a lower-level storage class, also referred to as a deep archive. There may be some objects that you don’t need real-time access to and these can be moved to a storage class that is one level up from the deep archive. 


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