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For years, software companies have centered their marketing around “data growth,” and recently this need has become a reality. It’s no surprise that there is an outpouring of clients who are struggling to determine which category to drop their data into. What to keep and what to get rid of is a common question amongst longtime business leaders who have watched their companies expand and collect data along the way. 

With the surge of employees all asking the same questions regarding data storage, DefendX has made it uncomplicated, and they are spreading the news about their simple system through the Keep for Cheap campaign. This convenient software answers the questions for you.  By identifying the necessary process, DefendX will  help you determine what data needs to be kept based on regulations, compliance and company mandates, taking into consideration the legalities that they are well-versed in. The software takes it a step further and dissects the data to determine what needs to go to the cloud and what should get purged. The best part is that DefendX software will identify the length of time that the data needs to be kept, while setting the policies that will take over after that determination is made. After all is said and done, the remaining data will either go to the cloud or get purged. 

Data File Archiving - Budget Savings

The Keep for Cheap campaign is a way for DefendX to offer diverse services that are needed by a wide array of business leaders, many of whom have already started putting the services to use. From terabytes to petabytes, the campaign covers the needs of its global customers with a software-only approach, very different from the storage skeptic course of action that has been done in the past. Archiving and synching unstructured data is done from source to target without discrimination. Because the vendor agnostic approach doesn’t offer flexibility, DefendX made it their mission to adopt a new storage and detection system that allows you to move across locations and waterfall from one point to another based on the age of the data.  

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