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ntp_file_storageIt’s here!  The all-new Storage Insights ― the industry blog designed to help you overcome your toughest file data storage challenges. In an era of tight IT resources, Storage Insights will give you the tools you need to manage the massive amounts of file data your users generate every day.  

Why should you subscribe to Storage Insights?

Because time is short, and data files are large!  At Storage Insights, our goal is simple; to help you make an informed decision about your file data storage without wasting any time.  Did you know that up to 80% of data is never used again once it’s created?  Or that data storage costs can consume 25% or more of your annual IT budget?  Given these numbers, don’t you want every advantage to realize the best file storage ROI?   At Storage Insights, we’ll explore key industry trends, share practical resources, and answer your FAQs.  But we also encourage collaboration — feel free to join the conversation and exchange ideas!

Which topics will be covered in Storage Insights?

We’ll continue to offer information that is relevant to your business today.  Want to review the advantages of tiering vs. backup?  This is the place!  Need to explore industry best practices on managing file data? We’ve got that!  Our file storage experts will share their unique “Insights” and lessons learned through real-world case studies and technical white papers.    

   Upcoming topics will give you tips to: 

  • Determine which files will hurt you vs. which won’t
  • Identify the hazards of data vaults
  • Manage with file blocking and storage quotas
  • Review cloud technology
  • And more! 

Won’t you join our community?  Subscribe to Storage Insights today!

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