Today’s File Data Archiving is Not Your Father’s File Data Archiving

“Some things never change.” 

data_archiving-1It’s an old adage that you’ve probably heard many times.  But we’re here to show file data storage has changed drastically.  Just as all business technology has evolved, file data archiving and tiering has, too ― for the better.  In fact, today’s file data archiving brings you benefits you may not have imagined even just a few years ago. From ending restrictive file vault access to accommodating billions of files, today’s data archiving solutions are strong and streamlined.     

Once upon a time, enterprises had millions of files in their storage environment, but over the last decade, that number has been growing from millions to billions.  From terabytes to petabytes. With the right data archiving and tiering solution, you can keep these numerous files secure and readily accessible for a fraction of the cost. 

Today’s data archiving helps your enterprise with these features/benefits: 

  • End restrictive file storage vaults

Gone are the days when you had to lock your data away for safekeeping in “the vault” and relinquish your direct access.  File vaults presented a proprietary file data storage option that many enterprises found restrictive and difficult to retrieve information.  Instead, today’s data archiving is designed to help you mine your file data as you need to ― without a vendor lock-in.  Better file access is especially critical given new compliance mandates. 

  • Gain flexibility with file stubbing

Stubbing techniques have become more advanced and flexible.Stubbing is dependent on how your primary storage is set-up, since the stub tells the tiering application how to find your files once they have been moved. With a policy-driven engine, you can set your stubs to expire or to remove automatically.  The best of today’s solutions enable file access from all major platforms in a way that is seamless to the end user. Get the stubbing white paper to learn more

  • Scale as you need to

In the past, you could depend on your archiving database to retrieve files, but it had limitations for administrators and end users. Now with companies hosting billions and billions of files, a scalable software defined storage solution is a necessity; you can’t rely solely on an archiving database anymore. Look for the ability to scale rapidly and seamlessly. 

So what’s the bottom line? Today’s file data archiving and tiering solutions not only help you save money, but allow you to gain valuable insight into your storage environment. Now those are benefits any father can appreciate! 

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