Do you know what's on your Corporate File Share?

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NTP Software is gearing up for a huge announcement

We want more.  Our customers deserve more.  It's time to deliver more.

On April 17th, NTP Software will reveal it all.

Something BIG is coming.  Be the first to know.

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DID YOU KNOW..... (the sequel)

LOTS of Great Things Are Around 20 Years Old Now:

  1. Google
  2. Rip Van Winkle’s Bourbon Whiskey, valued at $9,999.95 (a bargain no doubt)
  3. The Movie Shawshank Redemption – now looping continuously on TNT…again.
  4. The lint in the bottom of……EVERYTHING in the bottom of your kitchen junk drawer.
  5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They still have the same parrot from 1998…just not the same cracker.
  6. - headquartered in Chelmsford, MA: Operating for more than 24-years strong.
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….NTP Software gives organizations control of their file data by providing the solutions needed to understand, manage, move, and secure file data completely?

By the way – we do this for some of the largest companies on the Planet:  82 of the Fortune 100 and 76 of the Global 100, to be exact.

But we’re not satisfied.  Yes, we’ve had our Snickers bar – but we can do more….and we’re about to.

NTP Software.  Something Big is Coming.


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A Brief Overview of Stubs and Data Archiving

If you're new to file archiving, you probably aren't familiar with the term "stub." A stub is a file that points to a file, similar to the concept of a shortcut on a desktop. Instead of pointing to an active file, a stub points to an archived file that has been moved to a new location.

When you start archiving files in an enterprise environment -- which you should do to keep network storage capacity optimized -- you will work with stubs.

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File Data Storage Capacity: User Awareness Reduces Risk

Users with unlimited file data storage capacity really don’t understand the impact they have on the network. They see a network as a place for storing any number of files, including personal ones. In fact, it’s not unusual for an administrator to find all kinds of file data on network resources, including MP3, MOV, or even Torrent files. These personal files eat away at your primary storage space and increase the risk of an outage. But did you know that you can leverage user quotas to create awareness and educate users about the risks associated with poor file storage management? 

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FILE Data Tools vs. Enterprise Data Solutions: Key Differences

What’s the difference between a file data tool and a file data solution? 

As enterprises and IT/storage administrators look for ways to better manage and organize their growing file volumes, file data tools can play an important role. But for optimal efficiency, there’s no match for a comprehensive enterprise unstructured file data solution. 

Here are the key differences: 

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Today’s File Data Archiving is Not Your Father’s File Data Archiving

“Some things never change.” 

It’s an old adage that you’ve probably heard many times.  But we’re here to show file data storage has changed drastically.  Just as all business technology has evolved, file data archiving and tiering has, too ― for the better.  In fact, today’s file data archiving brings you benefits you may not have imagined even just a few years ago. From ending restrictive file vault access to accommodating billions of files, today’s data archiving solutions are strong and streamlined.     

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Unstructured File Data Management: Understanding the Numbers

We all know that unstructured file data is growing out of control and needs to be managed.  But what is the best approach?  It really comes down to understanding the numbers behind the file data so you can make the right decision for your storage environment. 

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Managing Storage Capacity Begins with Managing Power Users

Did you hear the news?  

Microsoft has announced that it is ending its promise of delivering unlimited storage capacity without additional storage cost.  The news comes just a year after Office 365 subscribers were told they would be upgraded to “unlimited” OneDrive cloud storage plans. 

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