Clearing the Fog on Cloud Archiving: Advantages and Considerations

One of the topics we’re often asked about is cloud archiving or tiering to the cloud.  Enterprises want to know how it can help them; what are the key advantages and challenges.  Today we “clear the fog” on cloud archiving.

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3 Must-Have Qualities of A Good File Management System

Are you dealing with millions (or even billions) of data files in your file storage system? Need a file management system that can help you with storage, tiering and archiving ― all without breaking the bank? This post is for you! 

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Managing Storage Capacity Begins with Managing Power Users

Did you hear the news?  

Microsoft has announced that it is ending its promise of delivering unlimited storage capacity without additional storage cost.  The news comes just a year after Office 365 subscribers were told they would be upgraded to “unlimited” OneDrive cloud storage plans. 

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