What makes a good file data management system?

Are you dealing with millions (or even billions) of data files in your file storage system? Need a file management system that can help you with storage, tiering and archiving ― all without breaking the bank? This post is for you! 

If your company is like many others, chances are good that your data is growing faster than it can be managed. Documents, emails, presentations, and spreadsheets, not to mention graphics and video files are all contributing to a serious storage challenge. Furthermore, many of these files are never used and just consuming very valuable disk space. 

To optimize your data storage, we recommend you look for a file management system with these key qualities: 

1. System flexibility

Yes, we’re talking about you, open architecture! Flexibility is often underrated, yet a critical quality when it comes to choosing a file storage solution. After all, do you want a system that locks you into a single vendor complete with expensive upgrades and limited growth? Or one that embraces open solutions without proprietary restrictions? We recommend leveraging a solution with open architecture, such as file auditing software with no platform restrictions.

2. Future planning

The hundreds of millions of files that you have today will only grow as more users and more data are added to your network. Your file management system should help you grow as well.  It’s critical that the system you purchase today will help you forecast and plan for your storage needs tomorrow. Explore how you can control data growth in six easy steps!  You can also start today with a quota manager to help control file data growth.

3. Efficient usage and planning

We know that just like your time, budgets are limited. Another hallmark of a good file management storage system is efficiency. Consider a system that will eliminate personal files on expensive shared space, as well as one that offers preset enforcement policies, compliance assistance and planning. Efficient file management software doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive.  

Have we covered it all? Which qualities do you think are critical to a good file management system? Share your thoughts with us and consult with our file storage experts to review!

Also, check out our products to see how they can help you implement the best file data management system for your needs.

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