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Learn How Much Your Cold Data Is Costing You

What Is Waterfall Tiering? 

Waterfall tiering is a new unique way to archive your Unstructured Data to multiple locations over a period of time based on the datas likelihood to be recalled back.

Example: You can now have a warm tier for archiving data that needs to be available for 2 years (but you do not want to pay Tier 1 Storage costs) and then set a policy to move it to a cold archive after two years automatically (further lowering the cost of storage).

With DefendX there is no repeat costs or extra costs to archive again.

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Analyze Your System

Before you hire the help of a cloud provider, it will be helpful to understand what role your team will play in the process and how much time will be involved. Embrace an all-encompassing mentality and make it your mission to adopt whatever your company will need to align with the cloud process.

defendx file data archiving software

Establish Your Team

You’ll need to recruit the help of qualified employees who will be dedicated to managing the cloud project. When determining who is worthy enough to be on the team, it’s critical to recruit the help of those who excel in communication, since keeping tabs on the various stages of the project will help everything fall into place effortlessly.


Set A Strong Foundation

By having a solid foundation in place, you’ll save on time and money in the long run. This can be achieved by dedicating time to plan out enterprise structures and build your workforce. And if your company grows, simply add onto the foundation.

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