Is Your Network Protected from Insider Threats?

black-and-white-city-man-peopleInsider threats are one of the leading causes for data leaks. These threats are why your private organization’s data could be exposed to competitors or outsiders who want to sell it on the dark web.  

Insider threats include disgruntled employees or even just an innocent employee who accidentally fell for a phishing scam and loaded malware on a workstation. 

IT administrators are always looking for ways to protect from outside hackers, but what do you do when the "hacker" is a trusted employee?

The answer is file auditing software. It's an advanced file monitoring application that identifies unusual access requests and changes in file permissions.

Without the right monitoring tools, it takes several months before an insider is caught. By then, it's too late. Several documents may have already passed from the internal network to an outsider. Monitoring doesn't mean that employee productivity is hindered, but it does log activity so that IT administrators can rely on set permissions without worrying about the one that slipped through the cracks.

Permissions and network access shouldn't be based on trust. Instead, it should be based on a need-to-know level of responsibility. Even if your network has the right permissions in place, file auditing software, such as File Auditor, can help identify any inconsistencies in data access that could be the sign of an insider threat or attack.

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