Protect HCI from the Inside - File and User Audit Trails

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Aside from auditors and investigators, it’s tough to find anyone who’s too jazzed about an audit or investigation, especially if they are not adequately prepared for it. This is totally understandable, as instances of non-compliance, uncovered in an audit or investigation can lead to embarrassment, reprimands, dismissals and even civil or criminal penalties.

Although they don’t exactly look forward to an audit or investigation, users of DefendX’s Control aren’t consumed with dread, as they know that they’re covered. The comprehensive policy reporting feature of Control ensures that compliance to internal and external rules and regulations are adhered to, so there should be no surprises in the event of an audit. Prior to any audit or investigation, Control will have alerted administrators of any policy violation, in real time, and automatically quarantined or removed files in violation. Control also provides a blocking feature that prevents designated file types from being stored in the first place, so violation alerts are minimized.

Control creates easily followed audit trails, so any documents requested will be readily and rapidly available. If external or internal parties, order preservation of a particular document or an entire class, then the database manager can use Control to lock those immediately and solidly.

Compliance and audit trails are only two pieces of the NAS puzzle on HCI. To better understand how compliance and the other pieces of the puzzle fit together, be sure to check out our latest white paper, Making Enterprise File Storage on HCI a Reality. You may download it here.

Take a look and see how DefendX Control can help you manage your NAS environment.

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