Unstructured Data Analytics - Holiday Wish List Part 2

data_analyticsAs the holidays get closer, gift giving is on everyone’s mind. Why not give yourself the gift of success next year? Now is the perfect time to use your end-of-year budget to give yourself data insights and knowledge in 2015 to put to rest your storage challenges once and for all.

Why unstructured data analytics? When you can see the trends in your storage environment...when you know what or who is driving growth and consumption, you can take control and predict your future with the data in hand to prove that you're right. With these data, you can even consider more advanced strategies, such as tiering, that will take growth and consumption issues off the table for all time.

Giving you the data analytics to take control is exactly what DefendX Software File Reporter™ does. It gathers information from all of your file data hosts - regardless of their manufacturer or location - and lets you see you past, present, and future. You see what will happen if you stay the course and what changes will serve you best.

Why not make 2015 the last year you ever need to deal with storage problems? A gift to yourself. You've earned it. You deserve it.

What else can it do? To learn more, check out the DefendX Software File Reporter datasheet.

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Topics: Tiering, Reporting, File Reporting, unstructured data


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