Combining Waterfall Tiering Data Management And The New Work-At-Home Culture For Maximum Benefits

Forbes Tech Council Article, written by DefendX CEO Joe Cutroneo

Under the new work-at-home culture, employees save on commute time and have enhanced their work/home life balance, resulting in less stress. That, paired with the money employers save by being able to forgo property leases for working space, makes this new way of tackling the daily grind a win-win.

This major shift in working culture comes alongside a need for more efficient data storage in the current file data management systems that are used by companies worldwide. The emerging trend that companies are seeing is a shift to what is called “waterfall tiering” for their data.

A New Work Culture, A New Way To Manage Data

A file data management system that includes waterfall tiering will add to the time and money being saved under this new work environment. It’s for this reason that millions of professionals are leaving the data management work to a positively executed solution — one that doesn’t require additional time-consuming tasks. Today’s market is bursting with solutions to help better the new working way of life in the form of waterfall tiering that will adapt to your particular organization.

Waterfall tiering, which involves placing unstructured data into different “tiers” of storage that are priced depending on the frequency of access needed, offers multiplatform flexibility providing companies with the necessary tools to improve their storage environments. The best part is that it doesn’t require the work hours that were necessary in the past, and it’s an opportunity for businesses to “work smarter and not harder.”

With that said, the two main goals associated with tiering are to reduce costs by utilizing a less expensive infrastructure when possible and to move unused files into an archive. Designed to work effortlessly, waterfall tiering software can pull data sets and search file content that can easily get lost in a storage system. Instead of struggling to remember the names and dates of files, such programs do that for you, saving significant time and frustration. By using a tiering solution for your business that has all the necessary components, you’re opening up an opportunity to make solid policy decisions.




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