File Data Storage: Options Now Expanded

In an ideal world, your high-performance primary tier is used exclusively for active files.  Yet in practice, up to 80% of file data becomes stale but continues to reside in expensive primary storage.  DefendX Software’s VFM can help you reduce storage costs through powerful and flexible file data tiering and archiving.  It helps you avoid the “server sprawl” that happens when you continually purchase more hardware and capacity ― after all, not all of your file data is of equal importance. 

We’re pleased to announce that VFM capability is growing, as we welcome NetApps® StorageGRID® Webscale as a supported platform.  Together, this software combination creates a data management solution that enables you to effectively manage data across primary and archive storage. 

NTP is now DefendX v 4

Why consider VFM for your storage environment? VFM helps you: 

  • Optimize the end user experience for better efficiency
  • Discover and migrate stale file data from costly primary to secondary and other storage levels automatically
  • Reduce file data back-up volumes
  • Tier and archive file data to and from all major platforms without a vendor lock-in, including cloud
  • Designate tiering and archiving by policy or end user, or a combination of the two
  • Provide for stubless tiering with file access via the recovery portal
  • Reduce costly supplemental storage silos 

With VFM and StorageGRID, you can save storage space and reduce file data backup volume. VFM optimizes StorageGRID by moving the files with the full metadata intact. This unlocks the full power of StorageGRID for even more savings ― like implementing retention rates for 7 years! 

Ready to learn more? Request a demonstration today, and we’ll show you how VFM makes data tiering simple, seamless and automatic.

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