Have your cake and eat it too

Blog post # 5-1

Most of us reading this blog post have that extra refrigerator in the garage or basement (or both!), for the stuff you just can’t fit in your kitchen fridge - or don’t necessarily use right away:  extra milk, bread, frozen foods…..and a healthy variety of craft beers.

Can you imagine the size and expense of the refrigerator you would need to house ALL of the stuff you have in all 3?  And wouldn’t it be nice to just open the kitchen fridge and have someone hand you what you needed right then and there from the one in the basement….especially that craft beer?  It’s like that Coors Light commercial you might be familiar with (but you can watch the link after you read the rest of this awesome blog post).

With DefendX Software, you can have your cake and eat it too.

With DefendX Software’s VFM, you can keep just the right size mac daddy corporate file storage system, but take all that stuff you don’t need every day and put it in a much less expensive place – and still access it seamlessly.  What do we mean by that?  When you need the files you don’t use often, or haven’t used in quite some time, they’re accessible immediately from the off-site storage, like they’ve been in the fridge the whole time.

Here are some hard facts from our experience:

  • 49 percent of files have not been accessed in more than a year
  • 60 percent of file data stored on primary storage systems had not been accessed in more than 6 months.

That’s some moldy cheese right there.

We make it possible to retain your important files more cost-effectively by seamlessly connecting your primary storage repositories to compelling new object and cloud storage platforms.  These systems are designed for long-term data retention, offering very high durability and availability at cost points much lower than primary storage platforms.

Here’s the link we promised we would share to illustrate what we mean.  Please share this blog and spread the word.  Something big is coming…and it’s just 21 days away. 


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