Cloud First Strategy for the Future: Part 2

It’s not surprising that the ‘cloud first’ mentality has become a common theme in the computer world, as it allows businesses to get their hands on top-rated technology with little effort. Since 2013, several software companies have made it their mission to provide a seamless transition into a ‘cloud first’ way of working. DefendX is proud to be a part of this transition and their flexible options offer more than one way of  securing and archiving unstructured data. 

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Cloud First Strategy for the Future: Part 1

Over the past decade, the phrase ‘cloud first’ has become common language among those involved in business technology. The term has developed a definition all on its own and essentially refers to cloud-based technology as being a leader in the industry. It has established itself in conversations regarding IT projects in industries across the board and has most recently become a trend to look out for in 2021. 

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Insight2015: See The New Tiering Cloud Solution!

Don’t gamble with your tiering cloud or data storage – visit us at NetApp’s Insight2015 conference in Las Vegas Oct. 12-15th! After all, Insight2015 is THE PLACE to network and collaborate with thousands of your colleagues, all while exploring the latest data storage and data management innovations! We’re getting packed and ready for this power-packed event!

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