DID YOU KNOW..... (the sequel)

LOTS of Great Things Are Around 20 Years Old Now:

  1. Google
  2. Rip Van Winkle’s Bourbon Whiskey, valued at $9,999.95 (a bargain no doubt)
  3. The Movie Shawshank Redemption – now looping continuously on TNT…again.
  4. The lint in the bottom of……EVERYTHING in the bottom of your kitchen junk drawer.
  5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They still have the same parrot from 1998…just not the same cracker.
  6. - headquartered in Chelmsford, MA: Operating for more than 24-years strong.
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….NTP Software gives organizations control of their file data by providing the solutions needed to understand, manage, move, and secure file data completely?

By the way – we do this for some of the largest companies on the Planet:  82 of the Fortune 100 and 76 of the Global 100, to be exact.

But we’re not satisfied.  Yes, we’ve had our Snickers bar – but we can do more….and we’re about to.

NTP Software.  Something Big is Coming.


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Archiving as Hot as Wasabi?

PHOTO CREDIT: hbak / iStock / Getty Images

It doesn’t get hotter than this…

Major enterprises like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. have all been pushing the “cloud.”

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A Brief Overview of Stubs and Data Archiving

If you're new to file archiving, you probably aren't familiar with the term "stub." A stub is a file that points to a file, similar to the concept of a shortcut on a desktop. Instead of pointing to an active file, a stub points to an archived file that has been moved to a new location.

When you start archiving files in an enterprise environment -- which you should do to keep network storage capacity optimized -- you will work with stubs.

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Tech Tip: Archive, Primary Storage and the 3-2-1 Rule

Whenever we review archive and primary storage, we like to reference Peter Krogh, a recognized photographer and pioneer of digital archiving. Krogh noted that there are two groups of people; those who’ve experienced a storage failure and those who will in the future.

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