With DefendX Software, you don't need to compromise

post # 6Right now, approximately 60% of the data stored on your corporate share hasn't been touched in over 6 months, so why are you wasting money and space by keeping it there?  DefendX Software has the solution, without you having to compromise performance and functionality.

With DefendX, get the high-performance corporate storage you need and want while seamlessly accessing the low-use data that's stored on a larger, less expensive cloud storage solution.  When you need the cloud files, you can access them like they were there all along. 

Using high-cost storage for low-use data doesn’t make sense. In most organizations, a large percentage of file data can be migrated to lower-cost storage.

For example, instead of a giant hunk of refrigerator that takes up your entire kitchen, you keep the stuff you need right in front of you, on a smaller more robust system.  What you're also getting is the mac daddy fridge right behind it, with someone handing you that beer in real time...but you don't even know it's there: 


The benefits of migrating data among storage tiers are generally well-known and well-understood, to the point where most companies use this strategy in some form or another. As we move from conventional data migration (where data is moved manually based on costly file system scans) to automatic and on demand data movement, the goal is to extend and enhance the existing benefits of data migration while greatly reducing the overall cost and complexity:  

  • Automate the migration, storage, and retention of file data in accordance with IT policies and corporate and government regulations 
  • Improve the performance of primary storage, control primary storage costs, and simplify management 
  • Reduce overall storage, backup, and help desk costs while controlling data loss and ensuring that all information remains protected and in compliance with corporate policies 
    Enhanced by DefendX Software VFM

Here's the 64-million dollar question:  How do you know which files to move?  DefendX Software VFM preserves all the benefits noted above while removing completely one of the largest cost-and resource-intensive components of conventional data migration: file system scans. 

DefendX Software VFM™ can provide you with a simple way to understand the makeup of your file data environment and how file data is being used. VFM gives you greater insight into what types of files are being stored, who is using them, and how often. It is easier for you to move file data from primary storage to more cost-appropriate storage tiers once you know what’s being stored and how files are being used. DefendX Software VFM shows you how data is used and implements policies that you define to migrate the data automatically.  

DefendX Software is continually and seamlessly moving data in real time eliminating the need for repeated scans of the entire file system.  The net result:  greatly reduced storage costs.

That's called having your cake....and eating it too.

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