Your corporate file environment has been hijacked.

Your corporate file environment has been hijacked, and its consuming storage faster than you can buy it.


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Terabytes – even petabytes of capacity are being swallowed up by old files that haven’t been touched in years. And you’re spending money and time backing them up – over and over again.

Left alone, this neglect results in revenue loss and puts risk at the forefront. It’s time to do something about it. 


Get Smart.  Get DefendX.  


Learn more about DefendX Mobility.

DefendX Software is excited to make their first public appearance at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, April 30 - May 3!  We're giving away three BIG prizes to celebrate!  Get your virtual poker chip here to enter!  Not going?  No problem!  You can still enter here to win our on-line giveaway.  All winners will be announced May 3rd!


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