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Bruce has been in the data storage industry for 23 years, including 21 years as CEO of NTP Software.
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File Data Quotas: The Good and the “Bad”

Quota is defined as “a share or proportional part of a total belonging to a particular person or group.” Depending on your perspective, file data quotas can elicit a positive or a negative connotation. For IT administrators, quotas are a valuable tool meant to control the growth of unstructured data (find out the 6 easy ways). But from a user perspective, file quotas can be perceived as an evil force meant to control their behavior.

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Why File Vaults Are Bad

In quantity, file data (unstructured data) has been around now for roughly 50 years. Over the last 10 years, as graphic and media content moved into corporate files, most organization’s collection of file data has grown from large to massive – and it will only continue to grow… Millions of files will become billions of files. Terabytes will become petabytes. 

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Welcome to Storage Insights

It’s here!  The all-new Storage Insights ― the industry blog designed to help you overcome your toughest file data storage challenges. In an era of tight IT resources, Storage Insights will give you the tools you need to manage the massive amounts of file data your users generate every day.  

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Are File Archiving and Tiering Different?

If I asked you to make a bet with me and then told you the odds were greater than 1 in 2 that you’d lose your money, would you take that bet? Companies take it all the time: it’s called ‘file archiving’, and there’s a greater than 1 in 2 chance that when you spend your money on an archive, you won’t even be able to recover a given file when you need it. There's a better way!

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How File DATA Storage Tiering is Making Your 2015 Better

Do you remember a time when you came into a class and you were the only one who did the reading? It feels pretty good to have that leg up on everyone else. And you were probably the teacher’s favorite that day, too.

When you think about huge, high-level IT concerns, your first thought is unlikely the lowly file. You know: a word document or an mp3. Why would you jump there first? Actually, because unstructured data (i.e. files) and storage tiering is the largest area of data growth on the planet right now.

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Tiered Storage: Holiday Wish List Part 3

There’s a story I’ve heard told more than once: it’s the story of a man who lived across the street from a friend. Every day, this man would roll out a beautiful, vintage Rambler, every surface gleaming, white-walls and all.

Well, the thing of it is, every day he would roll out the car, but not to take it for a cruise. He would pull it out of the garage and into the driveway. There, he’d lovingly wash and wax it. And not just a quick rinse, this guy would spend an hour and a half, every single day, just washing a car he never used. Can you imagine?

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