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How to Manage File Data: A Case Study

It’s that time of year when college campuses are overrun with new students and their laptops and other devices ― a new school year has begun!  But for many college IT departments, the question soon becomes how to manage this increase in file data?  What is the right solution for understanding files and managing data storage?  Today on Storage Insights, we’re conducting a back-to-basics course entitled, “How to Manage File Data,” featuring lessons learned from the Arts and Sciences Department of Concordia University

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5 Ways Data Analysis Tools Help You ”Search and Purge” Files

Data analysis tools – what value do they bring anyway? 

You probably know the industry statistic that 80% of data is never used again once it’s stored. Many times this stored data is actually irrelevant to your business, or duplicate content, or in a worst-case scenario, may even pose a risk to your company. Yet these low-value files are occupying the same storage space as the critical files you refer to daily — and costing you just as much to access. How can you begin to search the (potentially hundreds of millions) of stored files to begin purging the unnecessary ones? 

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Unstructured Data Analytics - Holiday Wish List Part 2

As the holidays get closer, gift giving is on everyone’s mind. Why not give yourself the gift of success next year? Now is the perfect time to use your end-of-year budget to give yourself data insights and knowledge in 2015 to put to rest your storage challenges once and for all.

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FIle Storage Quotas and More: Holiday Wish Part 1

Hot cocoa, eggnog, pumpkin pie. Wood burning in the fireplace. It’s that time of year again: the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and people all over are trying to figure out what to do with their end of year budget. It’s a time to look at new things, make yourself a wish list, and then, in the spirit of the holiday season, give yourself a break and get something that will make managing file storage quotas easier for you and your company.

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File Storage: Lost in the Funhouse

Halloween is coming up, and we’ve got a spooky story of file storage to chill your blood: this is “Lost in the Funhouse.”

It was a file storage administrator’s nightmare: old files were being archived to an archive platform, then a shift happened sending files to another platform, and during the process the cloud was added into the mix. And then the emails began to show up. A few at first, then steadily more, all with the same message:

“Where are my files?”

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